Winter Remnant Sale

Stop in and See Us

Thru March 15, 2019

Stop in and See us

Want a new bathroom or bar? 

Aceno Tip Sheet

 Go to www.Houzz.com and save/print pictures of spaces you like

 Measure your space

 Take photos of your space

 Bring these 3 items in when you come to shop!

Make the most of your space

Have a small bathroom want 2 sinks! 

This beautiful piece is between two walls!

Stone:  Dalia White

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Want to maximize your space?

Look closely!

First we installed a shelf on the top of the backsplash to create additional countertop space.

Next, look to the left,   instead of a basic wall we installed a cabinet and more countertop.

Who doesn't want more storage and countertop?

Stone:  Astoria Granite